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wordpress Tutorial – How to Change Install & Activate a New Theme

More free tutorials at mcbuzz.wordpress.com This wordpress Tutorial uses wordpress version 2.8.4 hosted on a third-party web host. The technique to change a theme is the same on sites hosted on wordpress.com. Third-party-hosted wordpress sites (also called “self-hosted” or “full version” or “wordpress.org version” wordpress sites) allow you to upload themes that you buy or […]

Does anyone know if theirs a free simple wordpress theme that i can change the navigation bar and the header?

I have my site build and ready to go but I want to integrate the wordpress into my website without it looking completely different from my actual site when you click to go to the blog section of the website. I guess im willing to pay for the theme if it gives me that option. […]

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Can I Change the footer of the Free WordPress Theme?

I’ve downloaded a free 3 column wordpress theme and I’ve change the design and feel of the theme, I would like to offer this theme for free download but can i change the footer of the theme? That is a copy right message inside the footer file: WARNING: *This file is protected by copyright law. […]

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Network Administrator Certifications – An Overview

In the modern business world, computers are king. Widely present in offices of all types, from law firms to doctors’ offices to the business world, these machines have the ability to store and quickly manipulate large amounts of data. Computers have been around in one form or another since the 1940s; however, it was only […]

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How do you display your wordpress blog on your website?

I have been using fanupdate for the past couple of months and have now switched to wordpress. How do you display the blog in on my hosted website? (fanupdate had a simple code is wordpress the same)Read more about this and other topics related to recipe and cooking blog

What are my change to become a Linux Administrator at 46?

I am planning to change career & would like to learn Linux & maybe Windows administration. What are my chances to get a job at my age? And what material should I start learning ? Linux or Windows? Thanks for your feebacks.


how do i set up a second wordpress blog when wordpress is already installed?

I installed WordPress using Fantatisco in my cpanel and created a blog. I want to create a second wordpress blog. Do I have to install WordPress again.


How to embed a music playlist in my wordpress blog?

I’ve been trying everything and unfortunately they won’t work. I tried posting a playlist in my wordpress in the ‘Pages’ section but the playlist won’t show. Can someone please help with this?Read more about this and other topics related to going green tips


Linux Training for People New to Linux – How to Use Linux Command Options

Most Linux distributions (versions) have Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilities that you can use to do Linux administration. However, these “point-and-click” Linux utilities are slow and cumbersome and they are different from one Linux distribution to another. Therefore, to learn how to use Linux, don’t spend time learning Linux GUI utilities. As part of your […]

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How do I add adbrite to my wordpress blog?

I have adbrite on my forum and website but I’d like to ad adbrite in my wordpress blog. How do I do that?Read more about this and other topics related to old testament study


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