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Ford Motor Company – Case Study

Background (General Facts) Ford Motors is one of three leading automotive manufacturing companies in the United States. Based in Michigan in 1903 by Henry ford and grew to reach revenue of $150 billion and more than 370,000 employees by 1996 [1]. In the 1970’s, the automobile market for the major auto makers – General Motors […]

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Forces and Trends in Business

The corporate environment is characterized by a number of variables: competition, dynamism, turbulence, complexity and change. All organizations must develop ability to continuously and consciously transform themselves and their contexts. Such contexts include restructuring for optimum effectiveness, reengineering key processes and streamlining functions that are able to provide a source of competitive advantage. The aim […]

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So You Want to Be a Systems Administrator? Part 2 – What Course Should I Do?

So I got pretty well to the top of my field – without going overboard and becoming a super-specialist / cranky old 20 year veteran, before I got promoted out of the field a few weeks ago. Before the memories fade too far I wanted to write down what led to my success – and […]

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The History of Sun Microsystems

The history reveals how important innovation and flexibility are to the success of a company. Innovation allowed Sun to build a company capable of taking the lead in its marker within the first few years of its incorporation and continue to grow dramatically. More importantly, Sun’s flexibility and a willingness to adapt to changing environments […]

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Free Cron Jobs Services – Know the Best Options Available For You

In this article my main aim would be to tell you about the essential features of Cron job. If you are not aware of this term then let me tell you that it is a time based job scheduler program which was developed by Linux and UNIX operating systems. This job scheduler helps various users […]

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Linux CRM Software – What’s Is Linux CRM Software How Can Help You?

With the popularity of web-based systems and information on the increase, those wanting to adopt a CRM solution or aiming for higher returns from their CRM systems are considering migration to Linux CRM software systems. These systems offer advantages such as more scalability, stability, increased performance, and better control. Most companies that move to Linux-based […]

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Product Positioning Strategies

Positioning is what the customer believes about your product’s value, features, and benefits; it is a comparison to the other available alternatives offered by the competition. These beliefs tend to based on customer experiences and evidence, rather than awareness created by advertising or promotion. Marketers manage product positioning by focusing their marketing activities on a […]

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Socio-Technical Systems and Organizational Values

Modern organizations define themselves using statements of vision. They state their vision in terms of human resources and technology, a socio-technical view. Modern organizations also define themselves in terms of values. New employees entering the organization learn the value system from employees with longevity in it. How organizations incorporate socio-technical systems as a reinforcement tool […]

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